Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Scorechild said...

Very niiice :)

søren bendt said...

jamie. this is totally sweet. and you know. i just want you to through the other one up here too.
cause that one rocks as well!
Great seeing you again, i hope i didn't smash anything valuable.

rasme said...

Det ser sgu godt ud det her!
Er det voks, eller det der "stuff", som jeg har hørt folk tale om?

-Hvordan kan det være at du var 6 år om at tage din bachelor?

jamie holmes said...

It's Super Sculpy I would not recommend it it's to much like rubber instead og clay.

The reason it took so long was because I first went to the drawing accademy two times.Then I took my BA in animation half way through it got goverment funded so I droped out and aplayed again.

VINOD MORE said...

nice, very cute sculpture... what material is that, can u specify in details with product name.... i want to sculpt after looking at this one... very awesome!!!

jamie holmes said...

Hi there!
Thanks for droping by.
The name of the product is "Super Sculpy".
It is a little to rubber like for my taste but it dos the job the cool thing about it is that it's baked in the oven at about 120 degrees also you can bake it in turns.
For eksampel this one I did here I did anathomy first and then baked it and added the hair after wards and baked it again.

Ohh yerh and wash your hands when you are done because it's some poisioness stuff.