Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gothic, folklore crow.

I was contacted by a company and asked to do a concept for a creepy crow with a strange angle to it for some kind of live action thing.
Later I got informed they had found a work around and did not need the drawings.

I decided to do an idea for it that had been lurking around in the back of my mind in my own time.


tek! said...

oh Jamie, if only you'd waited 4 days, you'd have a perfect yearly post : june 22nd!
Anyway back to the art: good job, nicely creepy indeed and I really hope this a taste for much more work to be posted here soon. If not, see you on 22nd june of 2014!!! (yes this is a sarcastic hint to share more art)

jamie holmes said...

Haha, bastard you ;)

I have decided to really over do it this year and make 2 posts!

jamie holmes said...

Also I am gonna add you to my links because you make awesome stuff.